About SL Dooley

Sojourner, Creator, Author

My Journey


I entered (or at least acknowledged) my nerd phase late. I was a wife and mom first before realizing the journeys 

I took between the pages of my books, traveling to lost worlds and battling dark forces, was a salve to a ragged and tired soul. Tolkien and Lewis weren’t just authors spinning wondrous tales, but guides into undiscovered kingdoms, uncovering parts of myself along the way.

If you too seek to lose yourself in bright colors, mystical beings and enchanted gardens. If you wish for the brightest light to overcome the blackest darkness and for good to reign, not just in the kingdom, but in the hearts of all the inhabitants. If you’re ready to embark on a journey where part of the adventure involves finding a few of the broken pieces of yourself, step right in. Grab a map and let’s wander, discover and grow together. We might get a little lost along the way. But I promise, I know the One who can lead us home.