Earth Apparent Series
Science Fantasy Novels


Earth Apparent – Call of the Cord

An unforgivable mistake.
A newly discovered dimension.
A fight to save the world.

Raelyn Witt is determined to guard the secret that proves she is worthless. And with her return to graduate school, a solid job, and a year of sobriety she’s escaped an ocean of bad choices. But when her brother, Peter is struck by a mysterious illness Raelyn realizes she’s only been treading water. 

As doctors struggle to find a cure, Raelyn meets Kade, a guardian from Alnok, the realm of a recently revealed fifth dimension. He confirms Raelyn’s suspicion: Peter’s illness has a deeper origin. And there is much more at risk. Kade offers Raelyn a way to save not only her brother,but her world, Earth Apparent.

Raelyn’s past bellows her failures through a bullhorn, but with diminishing options, she enters a land of towering castles, radiant kingdoms and a dark history. She’s joined by six others from all corners of the world as they discover their connection to Alnok and come face-to-face with the enemy of both realms. But Raelyn must battle her own demons, overcoming her past and accepting a strength beyond her own, before she can find a way to rescue her brother and protect all of humanity.