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Portal Slayer - Path of Deceit

What if the demon to slay was your own?

Raelyn Witt's life has imploded. Holding tight to devastating secrets, she's spent a year putting the pieces back together. But when her brother falls victim to a baffling and deadly illness, and desperate for a cure, she puts everything else aside. In her frenzy to find answers, she discovers Alnok, a recently uncovered civilization in the fifth dimension.

In a realm filled with towering castles, radiant kingdoms, and a dark history, a malevolent force worms its way into Earth. An enemy bent on destroying, not just her family, but the lives of everyone on Earth. As her brother's condition worsens, and doctors struggle to find a cure, Raelyn joins four others on a quest to break the link between her world and Alnok.

But the path isn't always what it seems, and hard choices must be made before they face the enemy of both realms. And Raelyn must battle her own demons, overcome her past, and accept a strength beyond her own to find the path to rescue her brother and protect all of humanity.

PORTAL SLAYER: Path of Deceit


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