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The Summertime Circus

An elven circus troupe – A kingdom's betrayal –
Revenge, centuries in the making

The Summertime Circus, a beloved troupe of elven entertainers, captivates audiences with daring feats and stunning displays. But this year, their performance takes them to the Gray Kingdom, which is ruled by mysterious and mighty leaders. They're known to most for their incredible power but to Isayah for their cruelty and mercilessness.

Isayah, the leader of the Summertime Circus, is consumed with her plans for revenge against the Gray Kingdom. Ages ago, when they could have used their influence and power to help her kin, they ignored their suffering. It is something Isayah will never forget. And never forgive. Isayah's obsession with revenge consumes her every thought and emotion until she is assigned an eager young apprentice, Sila.

Sila looks up to her new mentor and, much to Isayah's dismay, shares her secret desire for revenge. When Sila goes missing, Isayah fears the worst and sets out to find her, putting her own life in peril. Will Isayah's thirst for revenge blind her to the real danger facing her and her troupe? Or have events, set in motion so long ago, already sealed their fate?

The Summertime Circus


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