Tolkien on Fantasy
Friday, July 3, 2020 by SL Dooley

There's reading for information and reading for inspiration. Books on self-care, lawn-care and child-care all have a place. But Tolkien captured the essence of fantasy in its highest form. We still want to follow a worthy hero as they learn and grow, discovering magic spells and the bravery within themselves. And if we unlock some of the world's mysteries that's a bonus. But what we're really longing for is a world unlike our own. A place where good vanquishes evil, where we slay dragons, or befriend them and where the laws of physics aren't exactly what we expect.  At the end of the day sometimes we just want to escape the self-care, lawn-care and child-care. Even more satisfying than that? Finding others with whom you can escape. Here's a few places where you can find fellow sojourners:

Realm Makers
Havok Publishing

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SL Dooley

SL Dooley writes fantasy that could be true. She looks for adventure all over the world, in her own backyard and between the pages of a book. But she always walks her path with God’s light at her feet. She lives in Texas with her family where she hordes old books and new journals.

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